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Hong Kong Notary Services: Legal Document Expertise

We help Hong Kong citizens with opportunities and investments in their home country and abroad. Reliable notary services are very important.

Understanding Notary Services

Notary services in London play a crucial role in authenticating and certifying documents for various purposes. These services are essential for Hong Kong citizens dealing with property transactions, company formations, inheritance and immigration-related matters.

London notaries have the authority to check signatures, administer oaths, and witness document signings. They do this to ensure that the documents are legal and valid in both the UK and Hong Kong.

Key Services for Hong Kong Citizens

  • Buying or selling property in HK: A notary can help transfer deeds, protecting your rights in property transactions.
  • Business Ventures: Setting up a company in Hong Kong: Notaries can assist with the necessary documentation.
  • Power of Attorney: Hong Kong citizens often require notarised powers of attorney for managing financial and legal matters remotely.
  • Visa Applications: For those seeking UK visas or residency, notarized documents are often a requirement.
  • Oaths and Affidavits: Often inheritance matters require the swearing of Oaths and Affidavits.
  • Apostille / Document Requirements

    Our Notaries can guide you through the process of obtaining an Apostille.

    Hong Kong joined the Hauge Convention on Apostilles in 1965. This means that all documents going to Hong Kong should have an Apostille to be legally valid there. 

    However, from our experience a lot of the time a Notaries signature and stamp will suffice. To be sure if you need an Apostille, ask the person or organization you're sending the document to for clarification.

    Choosing the Right Notary

    When searching for a notary in London, it is important to select someone who is both trustworthy and skilled. This notary public should have experience in handling documents for individuals from Hong Kong.

    Chinese speaking Notary

    a practicing Notary from Hong Kong. 

    Wendy originally hails from Hong Kong and came to Britain when she was eighteen years old. Wendy is a Chinese speaker who can read and write both traditional and simplified Chinese. She is comfortable working in both British and Chinese language and cultures.

    Wendy has done legal and notarial work with documents for China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

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