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What you will need to keep in mind and prepare before starting.

Making a Will enables you to direct what should happen to your assets when you die.  This puts you in control and ensures that your loved ones have certainty.


Everyone should have a Will, particularly if you are married or in a civil partnership, have children, own property or have a long term partner. 


Most people who finalise their Wills experience a feeling of security and satisfaction in the knowledge that they have put things right. 


Not having a Will is incredibly risky, even if your married.   What are the risks?

A surviving spouse might inherit everything.

The family home may have to be sold.

An unmarried partner has no automatic entitlement.

Children have no automatic rights and may be disinherited.


Making a Will and taking advice ensures that you avoid the risks of not having a Will.   We will guide you through everything you need to think about.

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