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Dichiarazione di Valore - (Declaration of value) 

How do I make my UK degree valid in Italy?

If you're planning to move to Italy, you might need to officially recognise your qualifications.

This is especially the case if you:

  • Go to an Italian university (Masters Degree, Doctorate etc.)
  • Go to work in a public body in Italy (e.g. education institutions, schools, the public sector).
  • Obtain a Blue Card work permit (see UK Government Guidance)

Validating your UK award starts with the Dichiarazione di Valore- or Declaration of Value.

Dichiarazione di Valore

What is a Declaration of Value?

A Declaration of Value is a certificate from the Italian Consulate. It confirms your degree from the country where you studied is valid and genuine.

It describes your qualification and confirms its value in the education system where you earned it.

This serves as the first stage of the recognition of the award in Italy.

The value statement contains the following details:

  • Last name, first name, birth date, and place of birth of the holder
  • Issuing institution of the degree
  • Issue date of the degree
  • Serial number
  • Educational institution where the student took or completed the course
  • Field of study / area of focus
  • Length of the study program
  • Average score of the final exam
  • Professional qualification obtained after completing the studies
  • Short summary of the national education system based on the Teaching Law No. 84 of July 24, 1995.

How can we help?

We can help you obtain the Dichiarazione di Valore and operate a Regular and Premium Dichiarazione di Valore Service 


  • We verify the award with the issuing university  / professional body.
  • We issue a notarial certificate that confirms we verified it.
  • We arrange an official translation as per the requirements.
  • We obtain an Apostille

Regular service summary - once you have this part, you organise your declaration of Value process yourself with the Consulate.

£500 inclusive of VAT and disbursements 

Premium service 

Everything in regular service plus:

  • We complete the Consulate forms.
  • We organise payments to the Consulate. 
  • We complete related documentation. 
  • We set up the secure delivery and return of the documents.

Premium service summary - We manage the entire process for you. We take care of all the steps in between and return to you a document that contains your declaration of value.

£1,000 inclusive of VAT and disbursements 

Contact us now to start the process 

Or call us on +442074992605

Do I need to do anything else? 

The Declaration of Value is a first step.

There is a subsequent step and that is to obtain a statement of equivalence non comparability. 

This must happen in Italy and your employer or university usually help with this step. 

The Equivalence or 'equipollenza' is determined by the Ministry of Education, the Uffici Scolastici Provinciali and University you apply, who subsequently declare if a foreign qualification has a similar Italian equivalent and what that may be.

You can request CIMEA (Information Centre on Academic Mobility and Equivalence)

for a statement of Comparability and a Statement of Verification for academic and non-academic qualifications here:


What if my degree is from another country?

Each Italian consular representation will only deal with academic qualifications gained in the are it serves. If your degree was obtained in a different country, then you must approach the Italian consulate of that country.

Who can issue a Declaration of Value?

In the UK, the Declaration of value is issued By the Italian consulate. There are three Italian consular representations in the UK, each dealing with the Universities in their area.

The Italian consulate in Manchester will issue Declaration of value for Universities located in its catchment area:

Cheshire County, Cumbria, Derbyshire, Durham, East Yorkshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Merseyside, North Yorkshire, Northumberland, Nottinghamshire, Rutland, Shropshire, South Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Tyne and Wear, West Midlands, West Yorkshire and the Isle of Man.

The Manchester Consulate address is:  Consolato d’Italia a Manchester, The Chancery, secondo piano, 58 Spring Gardens, Manchester. M2 1EW.

 The Italian consulate in Edinburgh will deal with awards in Scotland.  The Edinburgh consulate address is:  Ufficio Titoli di Studio, Consolato Generale d’Italia,  32 Melville Street, Edinburgh. EH3 7HA.

 The Italian consulate in London will deal with the universities located in the remaining areas of the UK.  The address of the Italian consulate in London is:  Ufficio Titoli di Studio, Consolato Generale d’Italia, “Harp House”, 83/86 Farringdon Street, London. EC4A 4BL. (NB., this is not the Italian embassy on Grosvenor Square.)  

What types of qualifications can I validate with a Dichiarazione di Valore?

The Dichiarazione di Valore can be used to validate various academic degrees, including bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees from the UK.

Do I need to be in Italy to apply for a Dichiarazione di Valore?

No, you do not need to be in Italy. You can start the process at the Italian consulate in the country where your degree was issued, such as the UK.

How long is a Dichiarazione di Valore valid?

The Dichiarazione di Valore does not expire; however, if significant changes occur in the educational systems or the degree structure, you might need a new declaration to reflect these changes.

Can I use a Dichiarazione di Valore for professional licensing in Italy?

Yes, it is often used for this purpose, but you may also need additional validation or recognition depending on the specific professional field and Italian regulations.

What documents do I need to provide to obtain a Dichiarazione di Valore?

Typically, you need to provide your degree certificate, academic transcript, and identification documents. All documents must be officially translated into Italian.

What should I do if my academic institution is no longer operational?

You should provide documentation proving the institution's previous existence and any records or transcripts you have. The consulate or CIMEA might offer specific guidance in these cases.

How do I translate my documents for the Dichiarazione di Valore application?

Documents must be translated by a certified translator. 

Can I handle the Dichiarazione di Valore process remotely?

Yes, most of the process can be handled remotely, especially if you opt for a service that manages document submission and correspondence with the consulate.

What can I do if my Dichiarazione di Valore is rejected?

If your application is rejected, the consulate will provide the reasons for rejection. You can address these issues and reapply. Consulting with a service specializing in academic document validation can also be beneficial.

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