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Authenticate Degree, TEFL
and Criminal Record Checks

We are experts in Authenticating UK documents for China

When it comes to issuing work Visas,  the majority of Chinese provinces require that certain documents are Authenticated. 

We are UK Notaries and can Authenticate the following documents:

  • Degree Certificates
  • "No Criminal Record" Background Checks
  • TEFL Certificates

We Authenticate documents for use in China every day by Notarising and Legalising Degree, TEFL and Police Clearance checks so that they are acceptable for the Chinese Visa Process.       

This process involves Notarisation as well as Legalisation with the United Kingdom Foreign & Commonwealth Office (Apostille). 

Since November 2023, there will be no more Consulate Legalisation. Therefore, we provide new pricing for China services, and faster turnaround time.

How Do I Get Started?

3 Easy Steps to Get the Results You Need



Download and Complete Our Order Form, Don't Forget Your Contact Details. Then Email it in to Us



Send Us All Your Original Documents With Photocopies of Your Passport and Proof of Address. We Recommend Using a Trackable Method of Postage. Don't forget to include your Order Forms!



Now You Can Sit Back, Leave the Process to Us and Reap the Rewards.

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What's the Cost?

We try to keep it as simple as we can

Due to China joining Hague Convention in November 2023, our pricing and offering has changed. Our services for China are now faster than ever. 

Education Documents or Police Document

  • Turnaround: 5 working days 
  • Education Document OR Police Document legalised
  • FCO fee included
  • Notarised by UK Notary
  • International courier or UK delivery extra

Education Documents and Police Document

  • Turnaround: 5 working days
  • Education and Police Document legalised separately
  • FCO fee included
  • Notarised by UK Notary
  • International courier or UK delivery extra

What do others think of our service?

Perfect Service

The service provided was professional and organised. I had a few issues with getting some documents notarised but was contacted immediately and was well supported to solve these issues. All correspondence with Edward Young was excellent! I have now used the company for other legal documents that I needed to get legalized.

S. Rehman

It was quick and easy. I had to undertake the same process for another country’s Criminal Record Check which proved to be much harder and longer. I'm only sorry you could not do this for me as well.

S. Lomas

What's the Attestation Process?

A view in to how we handle things for you


Notaries are internationally recognised, independent and regulated lawyers who verify facts and documents for use overseas.   

The Notary will take a copy of your original document, put their certification that it is a true copy, sign it and seal it.


After the Notary has signed and sealed the documents,   we send one of our team to the United Kingdom Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) for them to apply an Apostille.

An Apostille is the UK Government verifying that we are UK Notaries and that UK Notaries have authority to authenticate degrees.

Acceptance Guarantee

& Key Information

You Can Trust Us to Get it Right

If your documents are rejected, due to a mistake on our part, We will refund your order in full. This offers you complete peace of mind that your documents will be authenticated correctly and you won’t face any blips with your work in China.  

Please note that due to the value of the documents we only use secure delivery services that are fully trackable, hence the delivery costs.

In order for this Guarantee to be valid, you need to make sure you complete all of the requested details on the forms, and let us know if you were given any specific wording to be used.

Please make sure you print all form pages provided. 

These Forms must be posted to us and NOT emailed.

Please note that if you inform us of any extra requirements added to your application after we have begun work, there will be additional costs to cover the extra disbursements.

Also be aware, if the name on your passport is different in any way to your certificates, you must provide us with a declaration from yourself, stating that you are the same person.

If you are going to JIANGSU or FUZHOU Province, please contact us immediately as we have a special information pack for these Provinces.

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