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Online Notary UK - Fast | Secure | Convenient

Remote Online Notary Services + E-Apostille.

Notary Public Online is a quick and convenient way to notarise your documents.

Modern technology like video conferencing and qualified electronic signatures (QES) have enabled online notary services available to you.

Our dedicated online notarisation service provides an efficient alternative to traditional face to face appointments. All without compromising security or legality.

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Online Notary UK

Online Notary UK

How does online notary work?

Online notarisation or remote online notarisation enables the notarisation of documents via digital platforms like Zoom and Docusign. 

Online verification verifies identities and witnesses signatures in real time. 

This method is advantageous for you if you require quick and reliable service without the need for physical travel. 

It's straightforward.

  1. Schedule your appointment, give us a call or email us to book a session that suits your schedule.
  2. Email us your documents so we can work together to ensure they are prepared and meet all requirements.
  3. We email you the finalised documents ready for the secure video conference (VC).
  4. You will be invited to a VC for identity verification and document signing.
  5. You sign the document with electronic signature under the supervision of the Notary.

We then either prepare a Notarial Certificate in electronic or paper form depending on your requirements.

If you need it, we can arrange legalisation for you with either Apostille, e-Apostille or consular legalisation.

Choosing an electronic version of your documents?   We can email them to you instantly! 

Our service offering

  • Notarised documents: including personal documents to business contracts.
  • Qualified Electronic Signature (QES). We use secure qualified electronic signatures which are the highest level of security for e-signatures. QES, enable us to obtain e-Apostilles. 
  • Apostille Services. We arrange paper or e-apostille certifications to authenticate notary seals and signatures on documents for international use.
  • Consular legalisation. If necessary we can get consulate stamps from the Consulate of your choice. See our Country Guide for more details. 

Do I need Notary and Apostille?

Sometimes the Notary's credentials need to be confirmed by the UK Government.   You should ask the final recipient as to whether an Apostille is needed or whether simple Notarisation is sufficient. 

If you do need an Apostille, we get you an E-Apostille or paper Apostille based on your requirements.

We can also handle Consular legalisation if it is required.  

 Please see our Guide to Apostilles and Country Guide  for more information.

We can obtain a regular paper Apostille or an E-Apostille.  You should check with your recipient as to what their requirement is. 

You can visit our Guide to E-Apostilles for more information. 

Why use Notary Online UK? 

  • Save time, it's quicker ! 
  • Do it from your own office or home or from anywhere in the world. 
  • Instantly send your completed documents to your recipient.
  • Environmentally friendly.  No paper and reduced emissions through transportation. 

Is Online Notarisation always available?

Certain documents still need to be signed in the physical presence of the Notary.   Examples include:   Affidavits and Statutory Declarations and some types of Powers of Attorney.   

You should alway check with your final recipient to make sure E-Notarisation and E-Apostille is suitable. 

Documents which are not suitable for E-Notarisation or E-Apostille:

  • Birth, Death, Marriage, Civil Partnership and Adoption Certificates
  • Police Certificates such as ACRO or Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) England and Wales or Disclosure Certificates for Scotland and NI.  
  • Documents that need to be Legalised with a Consulate 


Are online notaries legal? 

Online notarisation is legal in the UK when done by a licensed notary public. The law recognises and accepts it.

Can a notary notarise any documents online? 

You can process most documents that require notarisation online, except for a few that legally require physical presence. Examples include: affidavits and statutory declarations. Some documents require signing in the presence of the notary. You should check with the end recipient for guidance. 

How long does the online notarisation process take? 

The process typically takes 15-20 minutes, depending on the document complexity. 

I'm outside the UK, can I use the online service? 

Yes, we can. We offer online Notary services to clients where ever they in the world. 

Can I get an Apostille or Consular legalisation remotely. 

Yes, we can arrange everything for you by obtaining Apostilles and Consulate stamps if necessary.  However if you need a Consulate Stamp we would currently recommend obtaining a paper version Apostille.  

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