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Authenticate Degree, TEFL and Criminal Record Checks

When it comes to issuing work Visas,  the majority of Chinese provinces require that certain documents are Authenticated. 

We are UK Notaries and can Authenticate the following documents:

  • Degree Certificates
  • "No Criminal Record" Background Checks
  • TEFL Certificates

We Authenticate documents for use in China every day by Notarising and Legalising Degree, TEFL and Police Clearance checks so that they are acceptable for the Chinese Visa Process.       

This process involves Notarisation as well as Legalisation with the United Kingdom Foreign & Commonwealth Office (Apostille) and the Chinese Consulate in London.

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Police Certificate Only
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Download, complete and email our Order Form

Send us your original documents, a photocopy of your passport and the forms.

Let us handle the process for you so you don't have to worry

Acceptance Guarantee

You can trust us to get it right.   In fact, we are so confident of our work,   we offer a 100% Acceptance Guarantee.  

If for any reason your document is rejected by the Visa Authorities,   we will refund your order in full,  or put it right.   

This offers you complete peace of mind that your documents will be authenticated correctly and you won’t face any blips with your China Visa Application.  

So How Do We Do It?

Notaries are independent and regulated lawyers who verify facts and documents for use overseas.   

We will notarise your documents so that they are in an acceptable form for use overseas. 

This is done by producing a statement called a ‘Notarial Certificate’.

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The Notarial Certificate  exhibits a copy of the  Degree/TEFL Certificate in a bundle meaning you don't have to incur the expense of submitting these documents individually.   

The bundle is signed and sealed with ribbon as per the requirements of the Chinese Consulate Legalisation Department.

Where possible,   we bundle documents together so you save on legalisation costs such as the cost of the Apostille and the cost of the Chinese Embassy stamp.   

The Chinese Authorities insist that Police Clearance Certificates are authenticated independently of any other documents.  

Therefore they cannot be included in the education bundle.  

It is also a requirement that the original Police Clearance Certificate be provided (not a copy).  

With respect to Police Clearance Certificates,  our Notarial Certificate certifies that from our experience and from observing the security features of the Police Clearance Certificate, we have no reason to doubt the authenticity of the Police Certificate.   

Our Notarial Certificate will exhibit the original Police Clearance Certificate.  

The Police Clearance Certificate is bundled together,  signed and sealed with ribbon as per the requirements of the Chinese Consulate Legalisation Department.

After the Notary has signed and sealed the documents,   we arrange for the Apostille to be affixed to the Notarial Certificate.   

This is done by sending one of our team to the United Kingdom Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) for them to apply an Apostille to our Notarial Certificate. (An Apostille is the UK Government verifying that we are UK Notaries and that UK Notaries have authority to authenticate degrees.)

This means that your documents are not put in the postal system.   It also means that the documents are treated as commercial documents by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and are ready for collection at a specified time.

The Notarial Certificate with Apostille is collected by us, with the Apostille affixed.   

We then complete the legalisation application and personally take the Notarial Certificate to the Chinese Embassy in London.  

The Chinese Embassy do their job, which is to verify the authenticity of the UK Apostille, issued by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

We return, collect the authenticated documents and  to collect the Notarial Certificate with Chinese Embassy stamp.

We return everything to you enabling you to get on with your Chinese Visa application and start your adventure in China!


Print and complete our order form and send your documents to us.  

If you still have queries,  or if you need a more urgent service,  please call us now on 020 7499 2605 or email us for enquiries.    

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