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Our Accreditation

Who regulate and represent us?

Our Regulator

Notaries in England and Wales are regulated by the Faculty Office since 1533.     They Faculty Office continues in this role and under the Legal Services Act 2007 is ‘an approved Regulator’   The Faculty Office is overseen by the Legal Services Board, Office of the Legal Ombudsman and the Ministry of Justice.   

All our Notaries are authorised and regulated by the Faculty Office. 

You can find out more about the Facutly Office by visiting their website:

Our Representative Society

The Notaries Society of England and Wales is our Representative Society and all our members are members of the Notaries Society.  

The Notaries Society has a broad remit in representing Notaries.   They help out with education,  representing Notaries in the international scene,  and helping with the development of professional standards.  

You can visit the Notaries Society’s website here

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