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Our aim is to provide our clients with easy, quick and convenient notarial services.

Our Most Popular Services

Notary Public Services

Notary Public Services

Notary Public Services for private individuals and companies. Our aim is to notarise your documents and give you a quality service at a reasonable cost.

Apostille Service


Apostille are stamps issued by the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office. We partner with the FCDO to offer a same-day, next-day, and standard 3-5 day Apostille Services. Trust us for a fair and reliable Apostille Certification.

Consular Legalisation Service

Consular Legalisation

Need more than an Apostille? We've got you covered! If you need an Embassy stamp (also known as "legalisation"), we can help. We streamlined the legalisation process and taken the burden from you. You will get your document legalised at the Embassy - hassle-free.

Learn More About Our Notary Public Firm

Our Notary Public firm has been providing trusted Notarial Services for private and commercial clients in London since 2004.

We act for commercial and private clients and have built up the requisite experience to get you the right result.

We aim to deliver top-notch service at a fair price, making complex tasks simple and straightforward for our clients.

We also guide you through any hidden or additional requirements beyond notarisation, including obtaining an Apostille and consular legalisation if necessary. Not to mention some of the quirks that we've identified and added to our knowledge bank over the years.

We handle a wide range of documents for various countries and actively guide you through each territory's common practices.

Notary Public in London Edward Young

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Understand the role of a notary

As Notaries, we serve as independent lawyers dedicated to establishing facts crucial for overseas transactions.

Our Notaries verify your documents' genuineness, integrity, and legality. This ensures proper legal recognition in foreign jurisdictions.

Examples Of When You Might Need A Notary Public

Notary Public Service

A good example of an area where Notaries become involved are real estate transactions.

Often you will need to sign important papers for an overseas Land Registry.   Sometimes you will need to delegate this authority to someone else (usually your lawyer) to sign them for you. 

People often ask us to notarise Land Registry and power of attorney documents. 

When you sign documents before a UK notary, the world trusts it. Notaries hold international recognition for this purpose.

Our job is to confirm to the receiving party that you're a legitimate person or company.  And you're willing, able, and authorised to bind yourself or the company you represent to what you are signing.

We also ensure that the documents are signed in the prescribed manner.

That way, all who encounter the final notarised document can place faith in its effectiveness and legality.

Companies request our services to verify their company documents, both in the UK and internationally. We confirm the identity and signatures of Directors for their banks, overseas company registration offices, and other organisations.

We also provide KYC services for private and commercial clients.

Sometimes you might need your degree certificate certified, we can help with this too.

See our services page for a complete list of roles that we can fulfil for our clients.

E-Notary Electronic Notarisation And E-Apostilles

We can also help you with e-Notarisation and e-Apostilles.

E-Notarisation or electronic notarisation is when the notary uses an 'Advanced Electronic Signature' (AES) or 'Qualified Electronic Signature' (QES).

We offer e-Notary services and have AES and QES signatures and can help you get an E-Apostille (see below).

Obtaining an ‘Apostille’ or ‘Legalising’ your documents 

We know that 'Apostille' and 'legalisation' might be new terms for many.

Don’t worry, we break down the barriers and offer a solution led Apostille service.

Legalisation requires additional verification, typically involving the UK Government confirming the authority of the Notary Public or other public official who signed the document.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCDO) is the competent authority to issue Apostilles in the UK. They physically attach an 'Apostille' certificate to the document that the Notary has signed. It shows that the Notary is a registered notary public in the UK and has signed and sealed the document.

This procedure follows the rules outlined in an international treaty called the Hague Convention.

We also can obtain e-Apostilles which have been available from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office since 2022.

Please visit our Apostilles page for more information and our service offering on obtaining Apostilles.

Consular Legalisation

If the destination country isn't part of The Hague Convention, extra verification may be necessary.

Normally, you'll need to send your document to the London Consulate of the destination country. They'll check the Apostille and add a legalisation stamp to the document.

‘Consular legalisation’ is the term used to describe this process.

The 'legalisation' process involves submitting the document, typically with the Apostille attached, to the Consulate. The Consular Officer usually signs it and affixes an official stamp in addition to the Apostille.

This makes the document legally valid in the destination country.

The Hague Convention has removed the need for consular legalisation for countries who are party to the Convention.

Visit our Legalisation Guide for details on what each country requires.
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